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By Malene Birger Louisan Pants

2.200 DKK

Experience refined elegance with a personal touch

Discover the ideal combination of comfort, style, and sophistication with these monogram pants designed by By Malene Birger. Aimed at the modern woman who appreciates special details without sacrificing comfort, these pants bring refined elegance to everyday wear.

Available in various sizes, these pants are an essential addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

  • Monogram print for a personalized touch
  • Contrasting seam for a striking visual effect
  • Unique design for a distinct fashion statement


  • 70% Viscose for softness and breathability
  • 30% Silk for a luxurious feel

Viscose: Comfort and sustainability

Viscose is renowned for its softness, lightness, and drape. It is a breathable material that ensures comfort, making these pants suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Plus, it is biodegradable, adding an eco-friendly aspect to your fashion choices.

Monogram print: A statement of sophistication

The monogram print on these pants adds a sophisticated touch, setting them apart from the ordinary. This timeless trend enhances the luxurious look of the pants, allowing you to make a stylish and personal fashion statement.

Contrasting seam: An eye-catching detail

The contrasting seam on these pants is not just a design element, but a feature that catches the eye and adds to the overall elegance. This distinctive detail helps these pants to stand out, guaranteeing that you will leave a lasting impression.

Imagine transforming your wardrobe with these monogram pants. With their unique design and quality materials, they are a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman. Embrace the blend of comfort, style, and sustainability they offer, and make a fashion statement that's truly your own.