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Vanessa Bruno Ciao Dress Black

2.200 DKK

Unveil your elegance with buttoned simplicity

  • Classic black color
  • Buttoned style
  • Waisted belt

Experience the blend of comfort and style with this buttoned black dress. Designed with a focus on your style needs, this dress is the epitome of elegance in simplicity. The waist belt accentuates your figure, ensuring a flattering fit for all.


  • Brand: Vanessa Bruno
  • Model size: S
  • Model height: 173 cm


  • 55% Lyocell
  • 45% Cotton

Lyocell: A material that matters

Lyocell, a form of rayon, consists of cellulose fibre, made from dissolving pulp and then reconstituting it by dry jet-wet spinning. The benefits of this material are many. It's soft, absorbent, very strong when wet or dry, and resistant to wrinkles; it can also be machine- or hand-washed or drycleaned, it drapes well, and it can be dyed many colors, in addition to being eco-friendly. As an end user, you'll appreciate not only the feel but the easy care and the knowledge that you're making an environmentally sound choice.

Buttoned style

The buttoned style of this dress adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. It allows for versatility in style - button up for a more formal look or leave a few buttons undone for a casual, laid-back style. Either way, you'll make a statement.

Waisted belt

The waisted belt is more than just an accessory. It serves a dual purpose of accentuating your waistline while also adding a dash of style. The belt can be tied in various ways, allowing you to customize the look to suit your personal style.

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