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Teva Sand Dune Original Universal Sandal

by Teva
600 DKK

Combining comfort with sustainability: Your ideal footwear companion

Experience a blend of convenience and eco-consciousness with our vegan-friendly sandals. Designed with a water-friendly feature, these sandals serve as your reliable footwear, suitable for beach outings, poolside lounging, or even damp hiking trails. The durable nylon straps ensure a secure fit, adjustable to your comfort.

The materials used are synthetic and plant-based, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability without compromising on durability and comfort.

  • Water-friendly design
  • Durable nylon straps
  • Vegan and sustainable materials


  • Synthetic components
  • Plant-based materials

Plant-based materials: A step towards sustainability

Our choice of plant-based materials not only contributes to the comfort and softness of the sandals but also underscores our commitment to sustainable practices. These materials are vegan, meaning they contain no animal products or by-products, making them a guilt-free choice for those conscious about their environmental footprint.

Water-friendly design: For the adventurous at heart

Our water-friendly design feature allows you to enjoy any water-based activity without worrying about damaging your footwear. The design ensures that water simply rolls off, making it ideal for beach visits, poolside use, or hiking in damp areas. This feature brings you the freedom to explore, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

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