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Vanessa Bruno Deliah Knit Taupe

1.400 DKK

Experience the comfort and luxury of high-quality knitwear

  • Classic round neckline
  • High-quality knit
  • Versatile taupe color

Embrace the feeling of luxury and comfort with our high-quality knit pullover. With its round neckline, it provides a classic and timeless look, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're at home or out, this pullover guarantees to keep you warm and stylish.


  • Brand: Vanessa Bruno
  • Model: Deliah
  • Color: Taupe


  • 50% Laine
  • 30% Acetate
  • 20% Yack

Wool material

Laine, a type of wool, is known for its exceptional insulating properties. It not only traps heat but also wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Its natural elasticity ensures a perfect fit and longevity, making it a sustainable choice for knitwear.

Round neckline feature

The round neckline feature of this pullover enhances its versatility. It provides a balanced look, neither too formal nor too casual, making it suitable for various occasions. Additionally, it complements various body types and personal styles.

Taupe color feature

The taupe color of this knit pullover offers a neutral palette that can easily blend with other colors in your wardrobe. It is a sophisticated shade that exudes a sense of calm and elegance, enhancing your presence wherever you go.

Why not elevate your wardrobe with a piece that offers both comfort and style? Imagine the feeling of soft, high-quality knit against your skin, keeping you warm yet stylish. Experience it today with our luxurious knit pullover.

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