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Rika Studios Apollonia Skirt Natural

4.200 DKK

Experience comfort and style with a natural touch

  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • Practical side pockets
  • Natural, breathable linen material

Presenting a skirt designed for the contemporary woman who values comfort, style, and the richness of natural fabrics. This piece offers understated elegance that is versatile for any occasion, while the natural linen fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable all day.


  • Available in size XS
  • Suitable for individuals with a height of 173 cm
  • Neutral natural tone
  • 100% linen

Linen: A natural choice

Linen, derived from the flax plant, is a natural fiber known for its durability and breathability. Its moisture-wicking properties make it ideal for warmer climates, while its hypoallergenic nature ensures it is gentle on your skin. Moreover, linen is an eco-friendly option, as flax plants require less water and pesticides compared to other crops. Therefore, choosing this skirt means you are choosing a sustainable, comfortable, and stylish piece.

Elastic waistband: A comfort feature

The elastic waistband is a feature designed with your comfort in mind. It allows for a flexible fit that adapts to your body shape and movement, ensuring the skirt stays in place without causing any discomfort or restriction. This feature makes the skirt not only chic but also practical for everyday wear.

Side pockets are a practical feature

The inclusion of side pockets adds a practical touch to this stylish skirt. These pockets provide a convenient space to carry small essentials, adding functionality to your fashion. Whether you're out for a walk or running errands, these pockets ensure you have easy access to your necessities.

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