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Elhanati Solitaire Iman 0.20ct Necklace

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17.500 DKK

Embrace elegance with a touch of luxury

This necklace is for those who appreciate the refined artistry of handcrafted jewelry. Crafted in Copenhagen, Denmark, it offers a harmonious blend of elegance and simplicity.

Belonging to the Solitaire Collection, this piece stands out for its minimalist design, making it a versatile accessory for various occasions.

  • Handcrafted in Denmark
  • Part of the distinguished Solitaire Collection
  • Minimalist design


  • Chain length: 40cm
  • Diamond weight: 0.20 karat
  • Gold purity: 18K


  • 18K Gold
  • 0.20 karat Top Wesselton VVS Diamond

18k gold

18K Gold is a high-quality material known for its lasting shine and durability. Its resistance to rust, tarnish, and corrosion makes it a preferred choice for jewelry. The gold content in the necklace ensures a warm, rich hue that complements the diamond's brilliance, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday style.

Top Wesselton VVS diamond

The necklace features a 0.20 carat Top Wesselton VVS diamond - a symbol of purity and rarity. The VVS rating indicates only slight inclusions that are difficult to see, even under 10x magnification, ensuring a clear and vibrant sparkle. This high-quality diamond enhances the necklace's aesthetic appeal, making it a valuable addition to your jewelry collection.

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