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Jeanerica Belem Chino Blue 2 Weeks

1.700 DKK

Unleash your style with versatile wide-leg jeans

  • Mid-waist design
  • Wide, straight silhouette
  • Versatile size options

Our wide-leg jeans are designed to offer a modern twist to your everyday wardrobe. They feature a mid-waist design and a straight silhouette that gives a chic, stylish look. The jeans run slightly large, allowing for a more relaxed or fitted look depending on your style preference.


  • Model height: 173 cm
  • Model size: 26
  • Fit: Runs slightly large


  • 75% Cotton
  • 25% Viscose

Comfort and durability of cotton

The cotton component of these jeans gives them a soft and comfortable feel. Cotton is a breathable fabric, so it keeps you cool by allowing air circulation. Its robustness offers durability, ensuring the jeans withstand regular wear and tear.

Viscose: A touch of luxury

Viscose adds a touch of luxury to these jeans, providing a silk-like feel that is lightweight and drapes well. This material also boasts excellent color retention, meaning your jeans will maintain their vibrant blue shade even after multiple washes. The combination of cotton and viscose ensures that these jeans are not only stylish but also comfortable and long-lasting.

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