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Rika Studios Paloma Tee Ecru

1.200 DKK

Experience true comfort and sophistication

  • Classic round crewneck design
  • Long sleeves for added warmth and style
  • Available in size S for model height 173 cm

Designed with your comfort and style in mind, this long-sleeve tee offers a blend of minimalistic elegance and everyday functionality. Its timeless design is versatile enough to pair with any outfit, making it an essential addition to your wardrobe.


  • 50% Cotton
  • 50% Linen

Cotton - A material for all seasons

Cotton, a material renowned for its versatility and durability, makes up half of this tee. It is breathable, allowing for air circulation to prevent overheating. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, making this tee suitable for those with sensitive skin. Cotton's durability ensures that this tee retains its shape and quality, even after numerous washes.

Feature: Long sleeves

The long sleeves of this tee aren't just for style - they serve a practical purpose too. They provide added warmth during cooler days, while also offering protection from the sun during warmer seasons. The sleeves add an element of sophistication to the tee, making it versatile for both casual and more formal settings.

Round crewneck

The round crewneck design of this tee adds a classic touch to its overall look. It is designed to sit comfortably around your neck, providing ample space without feeling constricting. This feature, while seemingly simple, contributes to the tee's overall comfort and wearability.

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