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Diptyque Do Son Eau De Parfume 75ml

1.230 DKK

Experience the enchanting whiff of nature

  • Exquisite blend of floral and musk notes
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Subtle yet captivating fragrance

For those who crave an olfactory journey, our floral perfume is a blend of nature's most exquisite scents. With its intoxicating mix of tuberose, orange leaves, pink peppercorns, and musk, it offers a rich and diverse scent profile that transports you to a blooming garden.

Product details

  • Product volume: 75 ml
  • Family: Floral
  • Notes: Tuberose, Orange Leaves, Pink Peppercorns, Musk

Exploring tuberose

Tuberose, a night-blooming plant indigenous to Mexico, is the star ingredient in our fragrance. Its rich, intoxicating scent is a favorite among perfumers. Tuberose adds depth and complexity to the perfume, setting it apart from conventional floral fragrances. Its potent aroma, often described as a mix of honey, blossoms, and a hint of warmth, can leave a lasting impression.

Highlighting musk

Musk, a fundamental element in perfumery, contributes a warm and earthy undertone to our fragrance. Its delicate aroma significantly impacts the overall scent, extending its duration and intensifying its presence. Musk also enhances the floral notes, resulting in a harmonious blend of scents that is both captivating and fascinating.

Emphasizing pink peppercorns

Pink peppercorns, although not traditional in perfumery, provide a unique twist to our perfume. Their slightly sweet, mildly spicy aroma adds an unexpected kick to the fragrance. This note not only adds a spark of excitement but also enhances the other notes, making the overall scent more vibrant and memorable.

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