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Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau de Toilette 50 ml

750 DKK

A journey of sensory delight

  • Floral fragrance family
  • Blend of orange blossom, angelica root, and patchouli notes
  • Travel-friendly 50 ml bottle

Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau de Toilette is a sensory journey crafted to awaken your senses. This elegantly formulated fragrance is a harmonious blend of floral notes, offering a refreshing yet soothing scent. The compact 50 ml size ensures that this delightful experience can accompany you wherever your journey takes you.


  • Bottle size: 50 ml
  • Fragrance: Floral
  • Notes: Orange blossom, Angelica root, Patchouli

The allure of orange blossom

Orange blossom, a key ingredient in this eau de toilette, is revered for its sweet, floral scent that is both refreshing and soothing. This contributes to a well-balanced and harmonious fragrance experience, making you feel revitalized and calm with every spritz.

The art of bottle design

The design of the bottle is an essential aspect of the product's aesthetic appeal. Its elegant shape and travel-friendly size make it convenient to carry and refresh your scent anytime, anywhere. This thoughtfully designed bottle complements the exquisite fragrance it contains, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday routine.

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