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Diptyque Feu de Bois Standard Candle

430 DKK

Experience the warmth of a cozy fire

Bring the comforting essence of a crackling fire into your home with our Woodsy Candle. With an elegant design that complements any decor, this candle offers not just light, but an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Its deep, woodsy scent is reminiscent of a cozy night by the fireplace, creating a soothing ambiance in any room.

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  • Deep, woodsy scent
  • Elegant design
  • Long burn time


  • Weight: 190g
  • Burn time: Approximately 60 hours
  • Recommended wick length: 3-5mm


  • Wax
  • Glass container

Wax is a material

Wax is a crucial element in candle making, and its quality can significantly impact the candle's performance. Our candles are made with high-quality wax that ensures a clean and even burn. This wax also acts as a carrier for the woodsy scent, releasing the fragrance evenly as the candle burns, creating a consistent and pleasing aroma. The quality and consistency of the wax contribute to the candle's long burn time of approximately 60 hours.

Woodsy scent

One of the defining features of this candle is its deep, woodsy scent. This fragrance is carefully crafted to evoke the sensation of sitting by a crackling fire, making it more than just a scent. It's an experience. The aroma is not overpowering but subtly fills the room, creating an inviting and comforting atmosphere. This feature enriches the environment and enhances your home's ambiance, making it more than just a candle, but a tool for relaxation and comfort.