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Diptyque Noisetier Standard Candle

430 DKK

Experience the serenity of nature with a single flame

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance created by the Diptyque Noisetier Standard Candle. This candle infuses your space with the calming scent of a lush forest, filled with the aroma of fresh nuts and wood. It's like taking a leisurely stroll through nature, right in the comfort of your home.

Whether you're unwinding after a busy day or simply wanting to enhance your home's atmosphere, this candle is an excellent choice. Its natural, authentic scent speaks volumes about its quality and adds an undeniable charm to your surroundings.

  • Natural wood scent
  • Long burn time
  • Visually appealing design


  • Weight: 190 g.
  • Approximate burn time: 60 hours
  • Recommended wick length: 3-5 mm


  • High-quality wax blend
  • Natural fragrance oils
  • Cotton wick

High-quality wax blend

The Diptyque Noisetier Standard Candle is crafted from a high-quality wax blend, which allows for a slow, even burn. This contributes to the candle's impressive burn time of approximately 60 hours, allowing you to enjoy the calming wood scent for extended periods. The quality of the wax also ensures optimal scent diffusion, filling your space with a natural and authentic aroma.

Natural wood scent

The standout feature of this candle is its natural wood scent. Inspired by the aromas of nature, the scent of fresh nuts and wood is both soothing and invigorating, creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home. The fact that it is natural and authentic makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the essence of nature. Truly, the Diptyque Noisetier Standard Candle is an experience in itself, transporting you to a lush forest and creating a relaxing ambiance in your living space.

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