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Diptyque Roses Room Spray

430 DKK

Immerse your space in the freshness of blooms

Experience the true essence of a blooming garden in your living space with our floral room spray. This scent is designed to deliver a refreshing, natural fragrance that can transform any room into a serene rose garden. It's not just about masking odors, but enhancing your living environment with a scent that brings peace and tranquility.


  • Floral/Roses Scent Family
  • 150 ml volume
  • Effortless room transformation


  • High-quality fragrance oils
  • Water-based carrier
  • Environmentally friendly propellant

The heart of our room spray lies in its high-quality fragrance oils. These oils are meticulously sourced and blended to create a scent that is not only pleasing but also long-lasting. The rose fragrance oil captures the fresh, sweet, and slightly spicy scent of a blooming rose garden, providing a natural and authentic aroma. The use of these oils ensures that the scent lingers in your space, creating a welcoming and soothing atmosphere.

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