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Elhanati Roxy Diamond Love Ring

9.200 DKK

Experience the radiance of authenticity

  • Exquisite 18K Gold Craftsmanship
  • Stunning 0.10 ct TWVVS Diamond
  • Part of the Exclusive Roxy Collection

Unveiling the Elhanati Roxy Diamond Love Ring - an embodiment of elegance and a symbol of everlasting affection. This ring is designed to accentuate your individual style while adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.


  • 18K Gold Ring
  • 1 x White 0.10 ct TWVVS Diamond
  • Belongs to the Roxy Collection

The allure of 18K gold

The 18K gold used in the crafting of this ring not only lends it a luxurious appeal but also ensures durability and longevity. Its high resistance to rust, tarnish, and corrosion makes it a wise investment for a timeless piece of jewelry.

Exquisite diamond

This ring features a square cut, 0.10 ct TWVVS diamond, which stands for top wesselton very, very slight inclusions. This high-quality diamond sparkles brilliantly, adding a touch of elegance to your hand.

Roxy collection

Being part of the exclusive Roxy Collection, this ring carries a design that is both contemporary and timeless. It embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and charm that the collection is renowned for.

Imagine the radiant glow of the diamond, the warm gleam of the 18K gold, and the admiring glances it invites. Picture this exquisite piece on your finger, elevating your style and reflecting your exquisite taste. Experience the Elhanati Roxy Diamond Love Ring.

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