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Free shipping Fast delivery 1-2 working days

H2O Fagerholt Black Cosiah Jacket

2.500 DKK

Experience unparalleled comfort and style

  • Classic checkered pattern
  • Versatile design for various settings
  • Comfortable fit
  • 100% Nylon

Imbued with a classic checkered pattern, this black jacket is designed to provide both comfort and a dash of elegance to your wardrobe. Its versatile design allows for seamless transition from casual to formal settings, making it a valuable addition to your clothing line-up.


Nylon, as a material, is praised for its resistance to wear and tear, making the jacket durable and long-lasting. Its lightweight nature ensures that the jacket is comfortable to wear and easy to carry around. Moreover, nylon is quick-drying, an attribute that enhances its suitability for various weather conditions.

Versatile design

The jacket's versatile design is one of its key features. This means it can be paired with various outfits - whether it be casual jeans for a day out or formal trousers for a business meeting. It allows you to be creative with your style while ensuring you stay comfortable and confident in every setting.

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