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Vanessa Bruno Adriel Shorts

1.400 DKK

Unleash your adventurous side with comfort and style

  • Comfortable waistband for an adjustable fit
  • Straightforward design for a practical look
  • Army theme for an adventurous style
  • 100% Cotton

Experience a blend of comfort and style with these army shorts that cater to your everyday needs. Designed with a waistband, these shorts offer a snug fit that adjusts to your body, ensuring ease and comfort throughout the day. The straightforward design speaks volumes about your personal style, reflecting an adventurous spirit and a sense of practicality.

Focus on cotton

Cotton, a natural material, is renowned for its breathability and softness. These properties make it an ideal choice for clothing designed for comfort and extended wear. In these shorts, the use of 100% cotton ensures a lightweight feel and breathability, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable even on the warmest days. Moreover, cotton is easy to care for and durable, ensuring that your shorts maintain their look and feel even after repeated washes. This natural material is also less likely to irritate sensitive skin, making these shorts a practical choice for everyday wear.

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