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Free shipping Fast delivery 1-2 working days

G.H Bass & Co. Weejuns Black Penny Loafers

1.500 DKK

Experience unmatched comfort and style

  • Hand sewn seams for added durability
  • Classic penny loafer design for a timeless look
  • Black color for versatile pairing with various outfits
  • Leather

Introducing an elegant fusion of comfort and fashion, designed to cater to your everyday footwear needs. Our black loafers are not just shoes; they embody a lifestyle, a statement of sophistication that complements your personal style.

Leather is a material of choice

Leather is a material that stands the test of time, offering durability and a distinct aesthetic appeal. Our loafers are made of 100% leather, ensuring a comfortable fit that molds to your foot over time. The natural breathability of leather also provides a cooling effect, reducing sweat and odor.

Hand-sewn seams

The hand-sewn seams of these loafers not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also increase their lifespan. This traditional shoemaking technique ensures each stitch is secure, reinforcing the structure of the shoe for long-lasting wear.

Classic penny loafer design

The classic penny loafer design offers a timeless look that never goes out of style. It is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, equally suitable for formal occasions and casual outings. The sleek black color further enhances its adaptability, making it a go-to choice for any outfit.

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